Sunday, May 13, 2012

This week in the garden

This was a rough week.  We had a little bit of a storm.  I was not able to let the boys go jump in the puddles and play in the rain like I normally would because of the wind and lightning.  I was able to open the entire house and let the breeze rain come in!  But that meant that the baby was at the front door banging on it to go out and play.

But the garden also was effected.  Half of the corn was blown over!  One is not going to make it but the others I used tape and tied it to the lattice that hubby put up on the wall to give it some support. 

Ripening Tomato

Micah's Apple Tree

One of the beautiful apples that are growing big and beautiful!

Green Beans!

White Pumpkin!  So cool, but don't know what we are to do with them?

Looking up at the corn.  I LOVE THIS PICTURE!

Baby Corn forming

The section of corn that was blown over

Huge green peppers

cluster of green peppers


The play structure being completed so the boys can play on it

Friday, May 4, 2012

Start of May in the Garden

It is now May and the heat is coming  here.  But the garden is doing amazing.  In my time doing this I have learned that you must water it BY HAND TWICE a day.  I soak the ground so that there is standing water when I am done.  It gradually sinks down but this way I know that it is getting deep enough.  As you will see the garden is doing great!  In fact the watermelons have finally decided to make an appearance!
Corn is flowering
Much taller than knee high and it is only StarWars Day ;)

Attempting to try some vertical gardening


Baby winter squash!

Cucumber vertical attempt (just using what I have)  Loving that I can experiment in the garden!

Baby Wonder Pepper

Another experiment, letting my radishes go to flower then going to gather the seeds (or hope to)

Pear Tomatoes


Grape Tomatoes

Getting to be big tomatoes

Our grapes Bird Welcome to Eat your fill

What to do with that dead tree, have it as a Grape Pole!

Tons of Apricots!!!!  Again Bird Restaurant is Open

Starting to get more tomatoes

My Little Helper!

 My husband has also started a new addition to the yard~  It is a MONSTER!  He is custom building a tree fort (or the best we can do with our young trees) and swing set for the boys.  Here it is (work in progress)

Lying on the floor looking up
This should be up higher but not cooperating~  LOOK I hope this becomes a pumpkin!