Saturday, April 21, 2012

New garden space and finished projects

We have a new garden! We took a family trip to the Boyce Thompson Arboretum last week and David really wanted to start a cactus garden. So in the planter by Micah's fountain, that is what he did. I think he got 18 plants!

Here they are all planted!

One has even been blooming! However it is always closed when David sees it!!!

David has had another project in the works for 3 years or so! Well, because he wants to start another one (and I am putting my foot down on finishing one before starting another) he finished it! We now have a bench around our middle tree! IT IS AMAZING AND ALWAYS IN THE SHADE!

And now for the veggie garden! The tomatoes are crazy!
The corn is popping up in a row and is knee high before the Forth of July ;)

The beans and pumpkins are growing nicely!

Starting to get pepper buds!

Harvested some of the radishes!And have a couple of tomatoes from my one planter!

Oh, another finished project is the trellis on the brick wall. We are trying to "cool" the wall. In our summer that wall is always in the sun and scorches the plants through the entire night. Not good. So this is an experiment to see if we can deflect some of the heat.