Sunday, April 5, 2009

New Plants and "Easy" Stepping Stones

My new plants

Giant Bird Of Paradise
Calla Lilies
A vine that I just fell in love with! Can't remember what it is called

I have been wanting to do stepping stones in our garden, or more the path and have been dragging my feet about it. But when my Great Grandmother and Granddad both died this week, I knew that I wanted to make stepping stones to remember them. I found a kit for $9.99 at Michael's which included the cement, mold, and stir stick. I bought letter stamps specifically for stone and them some glass rocks. In the future all I will need to buy will be the cement. Which is $5.99. Not bad for something to remember loved ones with. I am also thinking of doing prayer stones.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Little Ones Working in the Garden

It is very tough to get your little ones to do what really needs to be done in the garden properly. However, one of the things that our lovely Arizona soil needs is to be loosened up, broken up, turned and have nutrients added to it. This is where little ones are so very helpful. I have done some of the work with my lovely and always present garden claw (for lack of a better word). But after adding manure, compost, and soil additive (gypsum) it still needs to be worked in. Why not have the little ones dig, turn and build towers. Lets them start to garden and you can do other things.
Yes, this use to be the mud pit but no longer. I have planted Giant Bird of Paradise, Calla lilies, and another climbing vine! We have also added Passion Fruit Vines! My hubby built wonderful hanging trellises in which they can climb!